A Guy Who Doesn't Give Up

An hour after being shot in 1912 Theodore Roosevelt exclaimed to a large crowd:  "It takes more than that to kill a Bull Moose"

Jack Hughes-Hageman is a Progressive Bull Moose Republican. Bull Moose Republicans feel it is wrong the government has given vast amounts of welfare to corporations while grandparents in our nation struggle with the predatory prices of insulin.

Bull Moose feel that the current government model favors a small number of very rich people who don't actually work very much. Bull Moose think its a tall tale to say your share was hard won when you were born with capital and grew up with wealth.

Bull Moose are tired of working Americans getting ripped off and short changed. Bull Moose want something more for their families, to thrive not just survive.

A Bull Moose knows there is something a thousand times worse than the financial cost of the status quo. The real cost is the thousands of people who will die without wholehearted changes to the way our nation approaches healthcare, homelessness, poverty, and education.

Bull Moose refuse to give up and let these people suffer and die without a fight, and we are here to fight for them. Bull Moose believe that we have the inalienable rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Jack is a Progressive Bull Moose, are you?

A Dreamer

Jack was Born in Seattle in 1992, but his family moved to Alaska by age three. Alaska life is tough, and Jacks parents divorced in the late 90's.

From the earliest days of his youth Jack has had a vision. His first passion was piracy, unfortunately by age 9 he has realized being a pirate was no longer a viable profession.  After watching the blockbuster film "The Patriot" in the year 2000 Jack was determined to make a politician out of himself, even if he lived in a small Alaskan town.




 Jack Hughes-Hageman had a Grandaddy.  Jack M. "Pops" Hageman was born in Kennewick, Washington in the year 1918. By age sixteen his father had passed away and the great depression was in full swing, Jack had to join the civilian workman's corps to support his mother and two siblings. He earned 6 dollars a week, he kept one and sent the rest home. It was in the civil work service that he lost his pinky toe to a logging accident.

Jack Hageman would go on to be a Master Sergeant in the Army, a father of eight, and husband of over 60 years. He was elected Mayor of his hometown of Kennewick in 1976 and wrote several books from home. He was a lifelong member of the Republican Party, a conservationist, and an inspiration. He died February 17, 2002, after complications from heart surgery. The picture above is a pair of Jacks.

Rest In Peace, Ye Olde Garret Grouch
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Name, Title


Mixed Family

In the year 2003 Jack's father got married to Lihong Tan, a single mother from Chongqing, China and brought a little sister into the family.

The First to Graduate


Jack went to four Highschools in two states, split custody can be crazy.

In the spring in 2011, Jack would go on to be the first person in his family to receive a high school diploma when he graduated from Sammamish Highschool. He would commit to his mothers alma matter at the University of Alaska Fairbanks.

Jack has been quoted saying: "It doesn't seem like much but being the first in your family (to graduate) sure feels like an achievement when you go through what I've been through"


University of Alaska

Jack was absolutely broke and routinely homeless in college. He worked an average of forty five hours a week along with classes during his tenure at UAF. Jacks "Work Now, Sleep Later" approach kept his college debt to less than five thousand dollars per year. Even with the heavy workload, times were tough and there were months at a time where he lived out of a tent. Not all stints of homeless were awful, He spent 5 months in 2012 living in a Cabela's Big Game tent on the outskirts of Fairbanks, complete with electricity, refrigerator, and a canopy bed!

Jack's leadership in the Associated Students of Business and Students Who Enjoy Economic Thinking caused him to be recruited by the Alaska Alpha chapter of the Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity. After winning their Balanced Man Scholarship in 2012, He would go on to serve as Vice president and President of the Alaska Alpha Chapter.

Being a Nanook was some of the wildest years of Jack's life; Full of friends, hockey games, and memories to last forever

Of Service


  • As the vice president of the Associated students of business Jack helped pioneer the Lemonade Day Entrepreneurship Program to get youth involved in understanding the principles of investment, savings, and return. 

  • As a scholar in the Students Who Enjoy Economic Thinking program. Jack met weekly with a group his peers and professors to discuss a wide variety of economic issues and philosophies. This program was accompanied by weekly readings and dissemination of academic economic literature.


  • Jack participated in the Big Brother Big Sisters School House Big program, providing friendship and mentoring to underprivileged youth at their schools.

  • Jack earned the Balanced Man Scholarship from the Alaska Alpha Chapter of Sigma Phi Epsilon for being an exemplary freshman who demonstrated an equal affinity for athletics, academics, and philosophy. He would go on to join the Alaska Alpha Chapter of Sigma Phi Epsilon and act as Community Service Coordinator, Vice President, and eventually President.


as a SigEp President

  • Under his leadership the chapter earned the Manpower Excellence Award for community Service and academic acheivement as well as the Excelsior Cup in recruitment at the 2012 Carlson Leadership Academy.


  • The chapter grew threefold and nearly doubled its average GPA.


  • In 2013 Jack was selected out of over three thousand applicants  to participate in the RUCK Leadership Institute at the University of Richmond, Virginia. This is SigEp's most exclusive and prestigious educational confrence.

  • First Homeless SigEp President in History.



After college Jack packed his bags and headed home for Washington. He settled in Mercer Island, and began business consulting in several very lucrative markets in the Seattle area. Everyone knows that Washington's politcal climate is very conducive to new, innovative businesses and that is where jack made his bread and butter. He helped several local startups navigate the strange waters of opening their first business, utilizing a combination of his own unique experiences growing up in Alaska with his vibrant youthful determination.    

Jack lives less than a mile from Lake Sammamish, and is now working full time trying to get elected as Your congressman. 
Feel like you know Jack? You're just getting started.


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