An Intellegent Investment


I am truly passionate about Education, and feel so much more can be done to help our students and teachers maximize their potential.

America needs to take an investment based approach to education, and start seeing children as investments with return rather than tax burdens that slow the economy. The simple fact is that children literally are the future, and how we develop that future is up to us.

Teachers today are under siege. In between stagnant wages, escalating cost of living, and the current political climate it is becoming almost impossible to find enough good teachers for our children.

This issue is not going to get any better unless something is done at a national level. America needs a congressman who knows that education is the most intelligent investment we can make as a people. 

Having only been separated from the educational system for a few short years gives me the hands on experience to see the issues from both sides. No other candidate in this race has been through a modern k-12 system, most graduated highschool before the year 2000.

This kind of generational disconnect is why law makers in the past have a tough time wrapping their head around new issues as they arise. The problems faced by today's college students are 180 degrees different than ones faced 20 or more years ago. 

No one faults previous generations, they did the best they could with what they had.

But Today, America Deserves Better.


Jack Hughes-Hageman

Jack is a young, innovative leader who will put the needs of students and teachers over those of large multinational corporations. 


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